Entering Canaan

A Sacramental Journey to An Inheritance of Mercy

Go, Pick up the pieces lest they be lost” (Jn 6:12)
With these words of Christ, John Cardinal O’Connor directed the Sisters of Life to a ministry of reverence for women and men who suffer following the tragedy of abortion. Together with Theresa Bonopartis, the co-author of the ministry,  a journey to healing inspired by the Holy Spirit has been developed.

Entering Canaan: A Sacramental Journey to an Inheritance of Mercy is, we believe,  a work of the Holy Spirit in answer to the directive of the Cardinal.  It consists of three separate and distinct parts each able to stand alone yet a part of the complete journey. A one day Retreat “Day of Prayer & Healing”, monthly groups, or “Gatherings”, and yearly weekend retreats, “Hope & Healing” and “Mercy” retreats.

In our human weakness we like to believe that we are the best suited to be in control of our lives. We tend to dictate to God what we want and how we want it, assuming we know better than He does what is best for us. So it is with healing, we want to be healed in our  time, not Gods.

Most times, God does not work that way. In His wisdom He is the one who truly knows our hearts and wants to be sure we are healed completely down to our core. He knows what we can handle and at what time. He knows wounds we may not even be aware of. Little by little, gently, He reveals the truth to us and the way to wholeness in the light of His love.
He is the Divine Physician.

As we surrender to His love and goodness and trust in His  mercy to spite any feelings we may have, we grow in an acceptance of the journey itself, knowing, in our hearts, that He loves us and that we are being healed by Him in the way and time that is best for us.

In the bible the Israelites set out for Canaan seeking a new life of peace and joy. A fulfillment of Gods promise to them. There is no doubt many of them wanted to get to Canaan quickly. Like us, their impatience is evident in the stories we are told, but God in His wisdom had other plans knowing the obstacles they needed to overcome to reach the Promised Land. The journey to Canaan took 40 years to complete…I am sure some of the travelers abandoned the journey or settled in a land on the way unable or unwilling to go on. Those who persevered entered the land of milk and honey to enjoy life to its fullest. So, it is with post abortive healing. In doing the will of God each day, learning the dynamics of post abortion, you are making the journey to healing, Entering Canaan with He who is Mercy Himself.

The Entering Canaan Ministry reflects that journey to the Promised Land. May each of us reach the fulfillment of Canaan.