Lumina Newsletters

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2018
In this issue:
A Woman’s Innately Maternal Soul
All Around the Town
Seeking Healing Amid the Clergy Report

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2017
In this issue:
Lenten Mercy Retreat
Alive in the Scars of Mary
All Around the Town

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2016
In this issue:
Joy to the World
All Around the Town
Upcoming Retreats

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2016
In this issue:
Abortion & Politics
Upcoming Postabortion Retreats
A Journey to Healing Through Divine Mercy

Lumina Spring 2016
In this issue:
Weekend Retreat for Siblings of Aborted Babies
Recovering Life in a Pro-Lifestyle  World
New York Life Team – Pro Life Day Symposium

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2015
In this issue:
anticipation:The act of preparing for something
Healing a Wounded world in the Year of Mercy
A Siblings Healing Journey

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2015
In this issue:
Approaching the Year of Mercy
Poof! The Magic of Planned Parenthood & the Art of Distraction
Witness – A Siblings Healing Journey

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2015
In this issue:
By His Wounds We Are Healed
What’s New & All About Town
A Sibling’s Poem

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2014
In this issue:
Lighting the way to Christ & Healing: An update of Lumina
Review of Prayerful Remembrance Service – Ohio
Witness –  Perfect Harmony

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2014
In this issue:
You Have Set Us Free
The Mercy of God
Mending my Heart & my Marriage

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2014
In this issue:
Witness- From Trauma to Triumph
Prayer remembrance Service Schedule

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2013
In this issue:
Letting Go
All Around the Town
Witness: Acknowledging my Sin

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2013
In this issue:
The Courage of Moving Forward with Jesus – One Post Abortive Woman’s Witness
All Around the Town
Defend Women-Educate Women-Love Women-Repeat – A Post Abortive Sibling’s Witness

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2013
In this issue:
We Love Them Like Jesus Does
Upcoming Events
Choosing the Way of Mercy

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2012
In this issue:
The Gift of Our Emptiness
Men’s Post Abortive Retreat Testimony, Entering Canaan
Loving My Siblings, A Post Abortive Sibling’s Story

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2012
In this issue:
The Gift of Faith, A Post Abortive Women’s Story
All Around The Town
Come Home to His Mercy This Lent

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2012
In this issue:
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Waves of Regret – Post Abortive Men’s Day Testimony
Lumina Fundraising Dinner with Allan Parker

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2011
In this issue:
New Post Abortion Men’s Ministry
Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb
Poor Prenatal Diagnosis, A post abortive witness after a Down’s Syndrome diagnosis

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2011
In this issue:
Be Not Afraid!
Around the Town
Lost Motherhood, One Woman’s Story of Coerced Abortion

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2011
In this issue:
Grassroots Films Shoots Post Abortive Film for Lumina
Grace & Forgiveness, a Post Abortive Sibling Story
Pride/Shame vs. Humility, a Post Abortive Woman’s Path to Forgiveness

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2010
In this issue:
Post Abortive Sibling Day of Prayer Witness
The Journey Into Canaan for Post Abortive Men and Post Abortive Siblings
The Me That Everyone Else Knew… a Post Abortive Woman’s Story

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2010
In this issue:
Graces from God, A Morning of Prayerful Remembrance for Post Abortive Women & Men
Year of the Priest
A Day for Healing for Post Abortive Men by Ed Case

Lumina Newsletter Summer 2010
In this issue:
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
Walking Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Czestochowa, the Patroness of Lumina
Reaching Out to Post Abortive Men

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2010
In this issue:
Good Samaritan Initiative
All Things Will Be Well, A Story of Coerced Abortion as a Teen
His Mercy Endures Forever, A Woman’s Story of Multiple Abortions

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2009
In this issue:
All Around the Town
From the Death of Misery… A Post Abortive Woman’s Story
The Year of the Priest

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2009
In this issue:
An Afternoon of Prayerful Remembrance for Post Abortive Women
All Around the Town
Thank You to Our Priests, A Post Abortive Woman’s Story of Redemption

Lumina Newsletter Summer 2009
In this issue:
My Brother’s Keeper – A Post Abortive Sibling Story
Siblings of Aborted Children
A Story from a Post Abortive Sibling

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2009
In this issue:
By His Wounds We Are Healed
Men & Abortion – Restoring Hope for Post Abortive Men
“I didn’t have a voice…” One Post Abortive Man’s Story

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2008
In this issue:
The Humility of God
Where Was the Church – The Aftermath of an Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis
All Around the Town

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2008
In this issue:
Choose to Refuse
Temptation to Trust
Burying my Aborted Baby

Lumina Newsletter Summer 2008
In this issue:
A Brotherly Presence – Witness
All Around the Town
Little Feet – A Cry Without a Voice

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2008
In this issue:
The Sarah Palin Connection
Born Anew Through Death,  Post Abortive due to “Advanced Maternal Age”
Who’s Crazy Now? Is Post Abortion Stress Real?

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2007
In this issue:
The Birth of Mercy
Allowing God to Love Us – Witness
All Around the Town

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2007
In this issue:
On the Road to Calvary
The Truth Will Set You Free
Witness – Baby Face

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2007
In this issue:
Redeeming a Father’s Heart
Surrendering our Sins – Merch
Witness – From This Day Forward

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2006
In this issue:
Silent No More Takes Manhattan
Bad News About Baby
Witness – My Darkest Hour

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2006
In this issue:
Christ’s “Passion” for Me
The 1st Spanish Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat
Companions on the Journey to Canaan – Abortion After Adoption

Lumina Newsletter Summer 2006
In this issue:
Saints & Sinners
From Silence to Hope
Witness – Alexandra’s Story

Lumina Newsletter Fall 2006
In this issue:
To Everything There Is a Season
Talitha koum – Witness
All Around the Town

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2005
In this issue:
In the Stable of Our Hearts
A Distant Thunder – Short Film on Partial Birth Abortion
Dream a Little Dream – One Woman’s Story of Post Abortion Healing

Lumina Newsletter Spring 2005
In this issue:
Entering Canaan Men’s Day of Healing
A Song of Hope – Abortion and Women’s Right
A Brilliant Performance, One Woman’s Story of Abortion

Lumina Newsletter Summer 2005
In this issue:
Post Abortion Healing for Men
Witness – “5 abortions, 6 killed…”
Lumina Materials Online

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2004
In this issue:
God With Us – A Post Abortive Poem
A Pilgrimage to Poland
The Need for Compassion – One Woman’s Story of 3 Abortions

Lumina Newsletter Winter 2003
In this issue:
Glory to God in the Highest…
Divine Mercy Pilgrimage
My Choice – Annie Banno’s Post Abortion Story