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Entering Canaan Men’s Day of Prayer & Healing
October 7, 2017
Hosted by Lumina & the Friars of the Renewal
For further information call 1-877-586-4621
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Entering Canaan Sibling Day Retreat
October 21,
For those suffering because of the loss of a sibling to abortion
You are Not Alone!
Director: Rev Fidelis Moscinski, CFR
For further information call Theresa -1877-866-4621








A Journey to Healing Through Divine Mercy (Marian Press)
Meditations on healing dealing with specific issues relating to abortion.
From The Personal Hell of a Late Term Abortion to A Healing Journey of Divine Mercy

By Kevin Burke, LSW

book-coverTheresa Bonopartis has published a little gem of a book, A Journey to Healing Through Divine Mercy that will be a perfect companion for your Lenten journey. Like many of the best spiritual writers, her reflections are refreshingly simple, yet profound and rich in practical spiritual wisdom.

The book is broken down into small chapters that focus on many of the common core emotional and spiritual issues in the lives of those with abortion loss. Within each section you discover excellent passages from various saints and holy men and women. Excerpts from Sister Faustina’s Diary are featured in each chapter and nicely compliment the author’s own reflections.

A Light Shines in the Darkness
As I read through Theresa’s book, it struck me that this would have special benefit and blessing for those who suffered traumatic loss and the  painful spiritual darkness that can arise from past abandonment, abuse and neglect.

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