Our Patroness

On August 24, 2013 the pilgrim image of Our Lady of Czestochowa landed in North America at St. Clements Island in Maryland. This is the exact same spot where the “Ark” and “Dove” (two ships from England carrying persecuted Catholics to the first Catholic settlement in the English colonies – Maryland) landed.

This pilgrim image has been traveling through Europe, “From Ocean to Ocean,” in defense of life. On Divine Mercy Sunday of this year, she stood in the place of the apparitions of Fatima and has been to numerous countries.

One of the intentions of the pilgrimage is for those who mourn from abortion.

In his homily, Bishop Hopes of London, stressed her influence in post abortion healing and offered mass for the unborn and this intention. “So in the Litany of Our Lady of Czestochowa we shall invoke her prayers as the Mother of those who resist evil, the Mother of Orphans, and the Mother of the mothers who weep. We bring to her our prayers tonight for all mothers who have suffered from the effects of abortion, those infants who have never seen the light of this world because they were killed through abortion, for all mothers who lose children because human life is not given its due respect and dignity.”

For me this an amazing mystery of our faith having named her the patroness of our post abortive work over 20 years ago. Click here to read more about Our Lady of Czestochowa 

olc2Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us!