Women’s Retreats

ecThe Entering Canaan Ministry consists of:

  • Beginning the Journey: Days of Prayer & Healing, the message of hope for those hurting.
  • Fighting the Battles: Monthly Gatherings (groups) addressing specific post abortion issues.
  • Hope & Healing Weekends: delving more deeply into the wounds of shame, grief, anxiety, self hatred, anger and other post abortion manifestations.
  • Special Gatherings: Advent, Mother’s Day, and other times that may be particularly painful for those who have lost a child through abortion.
  • Mercy Retreats: Yearly renewal retreats to aid in continued growth and healing emotionally and spiritually.

All locations listed may not participate in all of the components of Entering Canaan. Please check with them for their offerings.

Women’s Retreats
Upcoming Retreats

All locations listed may not participate in all of the components of the Entering Canaan Ministry. Please check with them for their offerings.

Bridgeport, CT
Contact: Maureen Ciardiello
March 29-31, 2019 : Hope & Healing weekend
Phone: 203-416-1445
Email: mciardiello@diopt.org

West Palm Beach, Florida
April 27, 2019
Contact: Susan Polo
Phone: 561-360-3325
Email: scplo@ccdpd.org

Baton Rouge, LA
June 1, 2019
October 19, 2019
Contact: Danielle Van Haute

St. Louis, MO
Contact: Marisol
Phone: 314-792-7451
Email: ihnpfaff@swbell.net

New York
Mercy Retreat (for those who have been in healing)
March 1-3, 2019
For all those who have been traveling on the healing journey
Reclaiming Our Children
Contact: Theresa Bonopartis
Phone: 877-586-4621
Email: lumina@postabortionhelp.org

Days of Prayer & Healing
Contact: Sisters of Life
February 23, 2019
March 16, 2019
Phone: 866-575-0075
Email: hopeandhealing@sistersoflife.org

Rockville Center, New York
Patricia Fox (516) 678-5800
Exts.626 & 381

Syracuse, Diocese
April 27, 2019
Contact: Lisa Hall
Phone: 855-364-0076
Email: hopeandhealing@syrdio.org

Steubenville, Ohio
March 2, 2019
Contact: Ginna Dombrowski
Phone: 740-275-7038
Email: projectrachel@diosteub.org

Toledo, Ohio
Contact: Clarissa Lipenski
Phone: 419-260-5811
Email: projectrachel@toledodiocese.org

Nashville, TN
615 415 2550

Arlington, VA
April 6, 2019
October 5, 2019
Contact: Sarah Lapierre
Phone: 703-841-2504
Email: projectrachel@arlingtondiocese.org

Charlottesville, VA
Pamela Messina
Email: pamelange@outlook.com

Washington, DC
English Contact: Sr. Priscilla deGuzman, SPC
March 23, 2019

Spanish Contact: Maria Tirado, OFS
April 6, 2019