A Journey of Healing With Jesus


Theresa, who has been a good friend to me and so many others, asked me to write about what I am experiencing in my journey of healing after my abortion.

Her friendship has been the key for so many of us.  Theresa’s witness to God working in her life has been what brings us together.  Her words of help have drawn us in.

So, I’m going to try to tell you what He has done in my healing journey.

Christ is alive in us! Alleluia!

At one time, I didn’t know that, but now I am starting to witness this fact in my life. Not only in my thoughts and heart but, I now know that He actually guides me on a daily basis.

I see Him in so many things. Like, when I forget my cell phone, and I have to go back home to get it only to find my brother in a moment of depression and in need of my encouragement.

He teaches me, as a children’s soccer coach, how to better use my gifts.  I am actually starting to realize there are so many moment of grace in my life, I should be saying “thank you” all day.

Through the Holy Spirit, He moves me, and in that I get a glimpse and can sense that all of my life is in His love and I’ve truly been forgiven.

He makes me want to help others more.  As I pray about what to do, He tells me not to panic and guides me where He wants me to be.

He moves me to want to help homes for pregnant women and their babies who are truly destitute and are in need of our immediate support!

He allows me to see that none of these actions are my thoughts or plans in motion, but his Holy direction, in daily happenings.

He loves me. He loves me, with a love I could not imagine, but I’m learning to accept.  He loves my loved ones as well and wants to guide them, and wants them to give themselves to Him, like I have begun to do because then they too will be restored in Him.

He has opened a world for me with people I’ve known for years, as we now, all of a sudden, talk about Christ! There is a janitor in a school where I work, a peaceful man with a hard past.  He is someone I never would have spoken with before, yet he told me with confidence that he gave his heart Christ, and to drop any load I have on his Cross because He died for me.  He died for you.

He uses us. The love of God, Incarnate, actually uses you and me, to bring others to Him one by one and together.

I am learning that when I pray, when we fast, even a little bit, when we ask the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and our hearts, He is here, NOW, with us, and a peace falls upon us.

In Mass, when the priest says, “And the peace of the Lord be with you,” he actually means it. I don’t need to make an effort anymore for it. It is right there!

Honestly, I have met Him on my journey and I’m confident he is writing more of this than me.

Jesus has been resurrected from the dead.

He died for you and me, and for our sins.

Thank you Lord!

You are Lord and Savior!

Please, help me trust you more for you only give me reasons to do so! Jesus, how well you provide! It surpasses us, Thanks God!

Let’s please help those in need together, volunteering at maternity homes and others in need by our financial and spiritual (prayers) support and let us pray for those who are imprisoned by their post abortive scars to travel the journey to Christ and healing.

Our Lady of Czestochowa, Merciful Mother,

You are a visible sign of the power of scars in our life. Multiple times attempts have been made to cover your scars, much like the experience of post abortive people in society, however, the scars returned.

Instead of a source of pain, your scars have become a symbol of your great love for us, your children, and your willingness to embrace them has manifested that love through centuries of healing and conversions.

Our scars of abortion will also remain with us in this life, but with your help they too will not be a source of pain, but instead will turn into a sign of Christ’s love, a memorial of our children lost to abortion who we never want to forget.

Through your scars you have brought countless people to the love and mercy of your Son, Jesus, help us to use our scars of abortion to do the same. May we always speak of the miracle of His mercy towards us, and the healing He has given us through His forgiveness. May this healing along with our scars lead others to your Son, so that they too may learn to carry their scars with love.

Our Lady of Czestochowa, patroness of those post abortive, we trust in your motherly presence and the many miracles associated with this image. May we follow you as you lead us to Jesus your Son, and our children who are with Him in heaven. Amen

Thank you God

You want us to heal, you want us to witness you.

How wonderful you are! – Ivan Perez