Adverse Diagnosis

An invitation to healing from someone who has suffered the loss of a child from abortion due to an adverse  diagnosis.

Dear Parents,

They call it “therapeutic abortion.”  Some synonyms for “therapeutic” include, curative, healing, beneficial, and restorative.  Abortion is defined as “an operation or other intervention to end a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from the womb.” I see these two words together and wonder how so many people can be duped into thinking an abortion-the end of a life-can be considered to be caring or beneficial to a baby diagnosed with fetal anomalies.  And yet, I was one of those people.

11 years ago, I traveled to Kansas to “terminate my pregnancy,” which, of course, means terminating the life of my child.  It was a heartbreaking and heart wrenching decision.  I let my little girl down in the worst possible way.  I couldn’t admit that to myself for a very long time.  Once I did, I relied solely on the mercy and forgiveness of the Lord to begin the healing process.  It is a journey that I am grateful I don’t have to travel alone.  The Lord is great, and has shown me that to look at the truth of what happened is very freeing, and not as terrifying as I might have thought it would be.

This journey is necessary to become whole again.  While my decision destroyed an innocent baby and could have destroyed my life, the Lord is piecing everything back together for my family.  Pope John Paul II tells us not to give in to despair.   He tells us that we can still be restored.  We need to be restored to be able to live.

One day I will be reunited with my daughter.  Until then, I want to be able to be everything God intended for me to be.  I need to heal to take care of my family.  Come and see what God’s mercy and grace can accomplish in you.