Reflection on Retreat

A participant reflects on his experience at a retreat for siblings:


It is difficult to put into words the great peace and comfort that I received when I participated in the Day of Prayer and Healing for Siblings.  Meeting six other retreatants who knew personally the pain and grief of losing a sibling to abortion made me feel less alone in my loss.  As a child, I can remember feeling like someone was missing from my family.  During my teen years, I pushed those thoughts away because it seemed not true or possible.  Six years ago, when I learned my mom had an abortion four years before I was born, suddenly everything that didn’t make sense to me came into focus.  I also instantly missed my sibling and instantly cried tears of grief.  My mom felt the child she lost was a boy and she named him John Andrew.  I had wanted and prayed for a sibling my whole life and now I realized that God had answered my every prayer.

 The Day of Prayer and Healing in March provided me with a whole day to just be with my brother in the Communion of Saints and to talk about him with others who understood my pain and cared.  The group was a nice mixture of men and women and something that helped me so much was the vulnerable tears the men shared over their pain and loss.  Being with the group I felt safe and secure.  Never before was I so struck thinking to myself, that this day retreat is a tangible sign that abortion is not a private matter between a woman and her doctor.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone who lost a sibling to abortion.  Having known of my mom’s abortion for six years, I had by God’s grace forgiven my mom.  My main reason for attending this special day was to have one whole day where I thought about my brother and prayed to him and didn’t have to push the thoughts away and get back to everyday life.  Words could never express my gratitude to Lumina for hosting this Day of Prayer and Healing for Siblings.  The wisdom and courage of this post-abortion healing ministry, gave me a glimpse of God’s love.