Lumina’s Entering Canaan men’s retreat enabled me to confront the reality of what I had done many years ago.  At the end of the retreat, the facts had not changed, but I had. A recurring nightmare of more than 30 years, in which the police kept arresting me for a murder I couldn’t remember, suddenly stopped and has never returned. The men’s retreat was a day of grace and  redemption for me.”  ~Martin

Are you, or a man you know, suffering the loss of a child through abortion?

The message of abortion has been confusing for men. They are told it is a “women’s choice” and that they have no rights regarding their unborn child. In fact, it is true. Men have no legal rights in an abortion decision, yet, if a woman aborts and is then suffering, they often feel as if they have failed her by not protecting or stopping her! No Wonder it is Confusing!

Some men have used abortion as a means to avoid responsibility for their actions.  Others did not want abortion, and were willing to take responsibility but were unable to prevent the abortion from happening.  Some men may be married to women who are suffering as a result of a past abortion and her struggles are effecting their relationship.  Some men don’t recognize what they have done until they have future children.

  • Did you pressure a woman to have an abortion?
  • Were you against the abortion?
  • Did you go along with an abortion because you thought you had no say and wanted to support the woman?
  • Did someone else pressure you both to have an abortion?
  • Did you find out about an abortion after the fact?
  • Is the woman you are now married to or with, post abortive?

You are not crazy or alone!
There are countless men who are suffering just like you are.
You have a right to your feelings !
You have a right to reclaim your fatherhood and your children!

Do you suffer from?


There is help available.