Lumina Materials: Brochures in English and Spanish, manuals and audio material.

Post Abortion Resources & Retreats: Information on post-abortion ministries and retreats across the US.

Post Abortion blogs: Blogs like Victory Over Abortion, Surviving Sibling and Healing After Abortion provide perspectives from post-abortive women, siblings and religious.

Post Abortion Activism: Operation Outcry, Feminists for Life, Silent No More and other activist groups focus on amplifying the voices of people who have been impacted by abortion, ensuring they’re not forgotten in debates, news media and political activism.

Post Abortion Education: Learn more about research into the aftereffects of abortion, education efforts and studies linking abortion to breast cancer.

Lumina Media : Various Lumina audio and videos

Lumina Newsletters: An archive of past newsletters dealing with healing and abortion

Post Abortion Legal Aide: Organization is assist in legal aide regarding abortion

Post Abortion Memorials: Places to memorialize a child lost to abortion