A Journey to Healing through Divine Mercy
by Theresa Bonopartis
Foundress of the Entering Canaan  healing ministries offers meditations on mercy to assist parents of aborted children in their reconciliation with God.

Tears of the Fisherman
By Kevin Burke, LSW
Tears of the Fisherman will help readers understand the wider impact of abortion on men, their relationships, families, faith and work lives.

Forgiven and Set Free: A Post-Abortion Bible Study for Women
by Linda Cochrane
Disheartening numbers of women have undergone an abortion–and they need help to heal emotionally and spiritually. This study was developed out of Linda Cochrane’s own experience of being freed from the bondage of guilt and grief that followed her abortion. 

Redeeming A Father’s Heart: Men Share Powerful Stories of Abortion Loss and Recovery
By Kevin Burke, LSW
Redeeming A Father’s Heart presents the powerful stories of 10 courageous men with the common desire to present the truth of their abortion experience and the consequences of this life changing decision.

The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing
By David C. Reardon
Be a healer. Learn how to help others–or yourself–find emotional and spiritual healing after an abortion.

Aborted Women, Silent No More
By David C. Reardon
This book Shares the experiences of women whose lives were shattered by abortion, argues that abortion is rarely a woman’s free choice, and discusses the future of abortion.

Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault
Reardon, Makimaa, Sobie
This compelling book addresses these complex issues in a clear and insightful manner. Drawn from a survey of nearly 200 women who have experienced rape or incest pregnancies, Victims and Victors reveals a seldom-heard truth: that most women who become pregnant through sexual assault do not want abortions!

Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
By Theresa Burke
Dr. Burke exposes the obstacles in the way of post-abortion healing, reviews the full range and depth of post-abortion adjustment problems and how to resolve them.

Abortion & Healing: A Cry To Be Whole
By Michael T. Mannion
A new expanded edition of Michael Mannion’s best-selling handbook for post-abortion counseling. New chapters include: Abortion and Men, which confirms the significance of men’s influence on women’s decisions to seek or not to seek abortions; It’s Safe to Come Home, where he writes of the Church that seeks to be an agent of healing for all.

A Solitary Sorrow: Finding Healing & Wholeness after Abortion
by Teri Reisser
This impressive book is written by a family therapist and a physician who have counseled hundreds of post-abortive women. Honest, accurate, and practical, it offers hope and encouragement to women seeking healing after abortion.