Impact of Abortion

Every Day over 2,000 babies are aborted in our country
Where and who are their parents?
They are everywhere.
They are in our schools, churches, workplaces and families.
They are our friends, co-workers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, grandmothers and maybe even you!
Society may not acknowledge their very real feelings of:
 Depression
 Anxiety
 Shame
 Guilt
 Confusion
 Low self esteem

Or destructive behaviors such as:
 Drug/alcohol abuse
 Promiscuity
 Eating disorders

We provide referrals to:
 Professional therapists
 Clergy trained in post abortion trauma
 Other  abortion healing groups
We know that no matter what your feelings or beliefs, you can experience many conflicting emotions if you, or you, has undergone an abortion.

We also recognize the resistance of society to acknowledge the dynamics at work, resulting in suppressed emotions, with nowhere to turn and a sense that you’re crazy or different than others.

You are not crazy…
You are not different…
You are not alone…
You are grieving a real loss that no one allows you to acknowledge.

In fact, there are many who have gone before you who now face life positively again because they allowed themselves to grieve and work through those feelings.

Did you know that these are just a few common reactions after abortion:
 Nightmares
 Deep sadness on the anniversary of the abortion, or due date
 Aversion to babies
 Aversion to pregnant women
 Fear of intimacy
 Sexual dysfunction
 Suicidal tendencies
 Rage
 Fear of making decisions
 Responses to sounds, sights or smell associated with the abortion
 Numbness to life in general
 Repeat pregnancies to atone for the babies

If you recognize yourself or someone else in any of the reactions mentioned, please contact us.
You can receive help and understand your conflicting emotions.
You’ll come to understand what is happening to you.
You are allowed to grieve.
You can feel joy again.
No matter how you feel now, it is possible.

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