Sibling Resources

Information on retreats for siblings, stories written by men and women who have attended Lumina’s sibling retreats, and resources for those suffering from the knowledge that a sibling was aborted:

How Siblings Are Impacted By Abortion
Lisa Rowe of Support After Abortion speaks to Lumina Director Theresa Bonopartis about siblings and how feelings of guilt and confusion can manifest when they realize they have an unborn brother or sister who was aborted.

Abortion’s Forgotten victims-Siblings of Brothers and sisters Killed in Abortion
Pro-life television program, Facing Life Head-On, produced an episode dedicated to sibling survivors Featuring Renee a sibling who attended a Lumina Retreat

Abortion Hurts Siblings, Renee’s Story, from Cradle My Heart Radio
You’ll meet a young woman who vividly portrays how abortion impacted her family and her young adulthood. And we’ll share ideas about some safe ways of breaking the silence within your family too.

Siblings of People Dying in Abortions Suffer Depression
Philip G. Ney, Ph.D.
Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of people suffering the effects of being alive when a sibling was aborted is vitally important to physicians and politicians.  The resulting syndrome is so deeply damaging and difficult to treat it can help explain many psychiatric and medical illnesses.  PASS affects such a large numbers of people, it helps explain voting and economic trends.

The Suffering Brothers and Sisters of Aborted Children
Kristi Burton Brown
The impact of abortion on siblings and the questions and feelings that arise.

The Wounded Generation
Victoria M. ThornWith over thirteen years of experience in post-abortion ministry, I continue to ask myself, “Who are the people who phone our office?” Their stories are so consistent-both in the pain they experience and in their feelings of abandonment. I believe we could better help these wounded people if we could better understand these formative issues that have shaped their lives.

Telling Your Children About A Past Abortion
Linda Cochrane
Take Heart – The Affiliate Leadership Letter
“Mommy, I am wondering if I have a brother or sister I heaven.” Those words, spoken by a child whose mother has had an abortion, can set her heart racing. She wonders if now is the time to tell and what to say to her children about a past abortion. Research done on survivor syndrome and the effect abortion has on family members indicates that children have an innate awareness of the presence of a missing sibling.