After Abortion Blogs

Reclaiming Our Children
The Lumina Blog

Postabortion Journey… walk with me
A beautiful, humble, post abortion journey.

After Abortion
Life after abortion: News, opinion, personal experience, resources

Ramah International – Sydna Masse’s Blog
Ramah International, Inc. was founded by Sydna A. Masse, a post-abortive woman who experienced God’s healing touch eleven years after her abortion through a crisis pregnancy center’s ministry program.

Victory Over Abortion
My name is Niki Ezzell.  I am a full-time wife and mother of 3 children – Ashli, Courtney & Joey.    I have an amazing, supportive husband, Jimmy, who allows me to serve as a leader of our post-abortion ministry at our church.  I say “allows” because well…to be honest… it is a ministry that requires a lot of emotional energy & commitment.  But it is a ministry that I am very passionate about & have continued to pursue for the last year & a half.

Healing After Abortion
Father Michael Denk’s Blog

Rachel’s Vineyard Healed Me
“I had the idea to begin this blog when I was thinking about my Rachel’s Vineyard experience two (2) years ago this past week. I am a post-abortive woman who struggled for years with many issues related to my abortion. Some, I didn’t realize were connected and some I did.”

Surviving Sibling
A touching blog from a sibling of an aborted child.