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Sibling Lenten Meditation – March 1, 2021

Todays Readings: Monday of the Second week of Lent _________________________________________________ Meditation Daniel 9:4b-10 “Compassion” v. 9 Upon learning that I had a brother that died during an abortion, I had immediate grief.  After being shocked that I could grieve someone I never knew existed… Continue Reading “Sibling Lenten Meditation – March 1, 2021”

Sibling Lenten Meditation February 23, 2021

Todays Readings: Tuesday of the First Week of Lent __________________________________________________________________________________ Meditation The Lord’s Prayer is a sister or a brother’s prayer, assuming with its first words—“Our Father”—that the intercessor is the emissary of a little tribe. It presumes for us a primal sibling bond,… Continue Reading “Sibling Lenten Meditation February 23, 2021”