Sibling Retreat

Have you lost a sibling to abortion?
We are happy to say our sibling weekend is a go and a couple of spaces have opened up due to travel restrictions. If you are interested contact me at 877 586 4621 or email
It is life changing!
(social distancing will be used)

“I just wanted to check in with you to thank you again for the sibling retreat. You mentioned that you’d notice a pattern of healing for the entire family after a sibling attends a retreat…Identifying this in my own family has been extremely healing for me – believe it or not, the realization that I am not responsible for my parents’ happiness (and their misery), that I’m independent of them and their problems (that have nothing to do with me and started before I was born), and that I’m allowed to be happy, is a huge revelation for me that took me 30+ years to get to! I’m sharing these insights with my siblings and they are finding them mind-blowing as well. I do believe that the Holy Spirit is leading this healing journey and these insights are a continuation of the siblings retreat.”

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