Summit of Grace Conference

An interview with Kay Lyn Carlson from the Choose Grace Summit on abortion on my book “A Journey to Healing Through Divine Mercy”.

“A Journey of Healing Through Divine Mercy ” can be purchased through Marian Press

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Theresa Bonopartis, in her book A Journey Toward Healing, offers keen insight into the effects of abortion, the real struggle to find healing, and the hope that one can be healed, as well as reunited with their aborted children. As I read her book, I felt my pain and grief was understood, in a way that only Theresa could pen because she has been there. Theresa breaks open her own wound to help others heal through her deep spiritual insights into the Merciful Love of Jesus. This book is a gift to the body of Christ, as it offers hope to those who’s abortions have plunged them into self hatred and isolation. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the post abortive and to all those who are ready to take the Journey toward healing with Theresa. This book offers the Hope!” Amazon Customer



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