It an be difficult to feel grateful for anything when you are suffering greatly from a past abortion. The holidays themselves can be a painful reminder of what is missing. I think this year it is even ore difficult as we deal with COVID and the turmoil in our country.

Still in the midst of it all there is much to be grateful for. For one, the fact that you are here seeking out help for healing . Healing is possible. I have been blessed to watch it over and over again in the lives of those who come to us. I have seen lives shattered and broken restored and I have watched joy enter once again.

If you have not reached out do…also make an effort to think of the things you do have to be grateful for in these trying times.

Everything is a gift
Our very existence
All we have
All that happens to us, even the hard stuff
rusting in His love, forgiveness and mercy
Blessed Thanksgiving
Stay safe!

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