In the MIdst of Temptations

Sometimes on the healing journey from an abortion, we are assailed with thoughts of being unforgivable and are filled with self hatredJesus knock.
These thoughts are intrusive and leave little room for anything else going through our heads. In times of attack like this, what is the answer?

Don’t isolate! Pick up the phone and call someone who can help you on your healing journey, a friend who knows about post-abortion, call a clergy member or a professional counselor, especially if you are involved in a healing program, PICK UP THE PHONE.

My number one rule when I do not want to do something and have to cause violence to myself to do it, it is a sure sign I am definitely supposed to do it! If I want to withdraw during attacks and temptations, it is a sure sign that I need to reach out!

Recognize that even if you feel like you are going backwards, most likely, you are not.  You are just working through another layer of healing. Sometimes we feel better for a while, then we feel like we are beginning all over again, when in fact we are just going a little deeper into our healing because God wants to get to the core!

Most importantly, pray and entrust yourself to God, who longs for your healing. Every time a thought of abortion comes into your mind, say a prayer and offer it up for good (someone you know who is suffering, someone thinking of abortion., etc., etc.,), to turn it into a positive which will cause the thoughts to flee.  Remember – you are loved and forgiven, claim it! It is yours!

Remember, He cannot come in if you do not open the door, but He is right there!

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