God Cannot Cease to Love Me

I often speak of our inability to look at our abortion experience without first knowing the love of God. It is too helpless and hopeless with us left to our own devices which often consist in guilt, shame, betrayal, unforgiveness and much more. I think that many women who are pro abortion extremists feel the need to legitimize and rationalize abortion because they need to keep making it be okay or it would be unbearable, so they get loud and angry so no one dare challenge what they have worked so hard to believe. That abortion is a good for women.

Sure, many will say they really don’t have regrets , I’m lad I am not one of them.  NO matter what the circumstances, despite pressure etc, I would hope that no one  kills their unborn child without some regret,

This morning I came across this quote from Fr. Bede Jarrett that was a reminder of so much of what I have found to be true in healing from abortion.

“God cannot cease to love me. That is the most startling fact that our doctrine reveals. Sinner or saint He loves and cannot well help Himself. Magdalen in her sin, Magdalen in her sainthood, was loved by God. The difference between her position made some difference also in the effect of that love on her, but the love was the same, since it was the Holy Spirit who is the love of the Father and the Son. Whatever I do, I am loved. But then, if I sin, am I unworthy of love? Yes, but I am unworthy always. Nor can God love me for what I am, since, in that case, I would compel His love, force His will by something external to Himself. In fact, really if I came to consider, I would find that I was not loved by God because I was good, but that I was good because God loved me. My improvement does not cause God to love me, but is the effect of God’s having loved me.”

This is the crux of healing. To know that I am loved by God no matter what I have done, and that it is this unconditional love that gives me the courage and allows me to look at my abortion, and changes and heals me. Are there things to learn about the trauma of abortion, of course, it is in learning these things that their power lessens but first and foremost it is the effect of God’s having loved me.


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