Lenten Meditation – March 13, 2021



As a person who has had an abortion it can be incomprehensible to ever believe there is any mercy and forgiveness. We are often so far away that we are unable to have any concept of God’s love and we often are unable to forgive ourselves.

We are terrified to admit our sin, and we even believe beating ourselves up is humility, but the truth is, it is our pride.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, even our sin of abortion.

In the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee we see the stark contrast of true humility and pride. The tax collector knew he was a sinner in need of Gods mercy. He recognized God’s great love for him and was aware of his nothingness before him. He was deeply grateful for God’s gift of love and mercy knowing he could do nothing good without God.

The Pharisee on the other hand prided himself in the good that he did. He was unaware of his misery before God.

Abortion can be a great humbler. Thanks be to God for that. It is in this humility, this truth about the horror of what we did that we can come to know more deeply Gods love and mercy for us.

May we each day, ask for the grace to live in our misery so that we may live in His Mercy!


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  1. This is a profound truth. Humanity often confuses true humility with martyrism. It takes humility to accept the gift of forgiveness from our Lord. It takes more humility to walk that out every day. Pride has to be left at the door, and has no place in the process of healing.
    It reminds me of a parent that see’s and chooses the very best gift for their child because they know they NEED the gift–but when the gift is given, the child says, no thanks, I don’t deserve this yet (or ever). I find my own way. I’ll make it my own way.

    The good news is that God won’t allow us to stay in that state above, he continues to shed light, love and grace, until we can see it, confess it, believe it, and receive it! Thanks be to God!!!

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