The Guilt of Faith

One thing that amazes me is the continued attempts by those in the pro-abortion movement to make everyone believe that suffering from an abortion comes from guilt because of a person faith.

They repeatedly try to make abortion a religious issue instead of the human rights issue it is.

Oftentimes, we have been put on the defensive with this line of thought. I think that is a mistake. I refuse to apologize for the role my faith plays in my life when it comes to abortion or any other issue, but this still does not make it a religious issue.

My mom suffered from Alzheimer’s for years. It was a great trial for those of us who cared for her. She was gone long before she physically died. It was my faith that got me through those times. No one says Alzheimer is a religious issue.

Because of a personal abortion I had as a teenager, I picked a poor spouse. I did not think I deserved to be loved or treated well by anyone. The marriage ended in divorce and I raised my two sons on my own with no support. My faith got me through. No one calls single parenthood a religious issue.

I can continue with numerous examples of faith in my life. There is no doubt it has seen me through some hard times and some joyous times. It is part of who I am, but it is not why I suffered psychologically after my abortion. I suffered, because I took the life of my unborn child.,

A student from Berkley’s School of Journalism once asked me if I felt guilt from my abortion once I returned to church. I replied that “No, it was not on my return to church, it happened when I saw my son lying on my bed dead as a result of a saline abortion.

Most women do not see their aborted child. but they know just the same what it is that has happened. How is it that pro aborts think faith can instill guilt, but a dead child, a death you have participated in cannot?

No, it is not my Catholic faith that made me feel guilt and shame and all the other emotions I lived with for years, it was my innate call to motherhood. In fact, it was my faith that saved me and helped me to heal and be whole again, and I will never apologize for that!




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