The Bully Connector

BullyI don’t do well with bullies. People that pull rank and power, squashing the dignity of others so that they can feel in control and important. Sadly, they are still around, even in the life of the church.

Along with abandonment, this is probably the strongest connector to my abortion. It, of course, is a result of the coercion of my father into making me abort my son. It triggers anger, resistance, and a protective shield ensuring that no one has that much power over me again.

I wish I could say that I don’t get pulled into the turmoil , but that would not be true. The good news is I am able to disengage much faster , bring it to prayer to ground myself and to see that the person with the biggest problem is the bully, then I try to pray for them.

It is not always easy. My feelings would have me lash out, but my faith in the love and mercy of Christ steadies me and I pray for the person through an act of the will.

It is really very sad that some people seek importance and power at the expense of others.  In the end they will be sorry to see the damage they  have caused in so many lives. Intimidation and bullying are never a good thing.

No one, no matter what, has a right to bully and intimidate others. It is certainly a sin to make others feel like they are being stomped into the ground and their spirits are being crushed.

In the end, that is what they tried to do to Jesus. By His grace alone, we become able to follow His example of humility and love in the face of controlling people who seek to rise at the expense of others.

Abortion connectors can trigger very powerful events, but being aware of what yours are and trusting in the mercy of Jesus is stronger than even any trigger, bringing us to His peace and love and freeing u s from the connectors of abortion.

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