Looking forward to speaking at the TASTE Program in MD on November 18th
  • TASTE is a Catholic Women’s Program that stands for Taste And See Take…Eat. The Program is designed for women wanting to learn more about their Faith and about the Catholic Church. Our speakers are by invitation only and are on fire for the Faith.
  • Come and listen to teachers who totally love Jesus and want to share that love with you. The Catholic Faith is so rich and exciting but many of us haven’t been taught (or we’ve forgotten…) the beautiful Truths of our Faith. A frequent comment by participants is “I THOUGHT I was a good Catholic, but this has taught me to truly LOVE the Faith.” Come learn with us and become excited about the richness of the wonderful gifts that God has bestowed on ALL of us!
  • The TASTE Program has been designed to take the average Catholic woman and walk her through all the gifts, graces and unbelievable blessings God has promised. Each week a lesson has been prepared for you to fall completely in love with Jesus and what He did and left for you. YOU are God’s masterpiece and He loves you beyond all measure.
  • Learn to open your heart to what God is telling you, through the Church that He left to nurture us.
  • Come and learn what being Catholic is all about. Discover the Catechism, the Bible, the Mass and Eucharist, Encyclicals, Church history, the Saints, our Church Fathers … the list is endless. Develop relationships with Catholic women all striving to love God with their own unique gifts.
  • After being inspired (as a group) by a great speaker (often a priest), consider staying after to meet with the Priest (individually) for a good Confession. What a blessing and how convenient. These priests will be elated, through the power of Jesus, to forgive.
So many people live in the darkness of abortion alone and without hope. Hw can others be that light which brings people to Gods mercy and forgiveness?
My topic: “The Tender Mercy of Our God – Being a Light to those Living in Abortion’s Darkness””
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