Journey to Healing

Know someone suffering because of a past abortion and living with no hope.

“A Journey to Healing Through Divine Mercy” offer meditations on the love and mercy of God intwined with times that can magnify the loss of abortion.

“We are all sinners.  And God knows what we all need, Divine Mercy.  And this He offers us through Christ, the incarnation of Divine Mercy, a mercy so great that even though we have rejected Him, betrayed Him, persecuted and crucified Him, He still rises up to offer us His Mercy again and again.

“To experience Divine Mercy, especially after honestly confronting our many faults, is both humbling and exalting.  It is life changing, soul altering, and gift that must be shared with others.

“In Theresa Bonopartis’s meditations are an excellent guide deepening one’s understanding and experience with Divine Mercy.   It draws on her own personal experience with the life transforming power of Christ’s healing mercy and her daily ministry in sharing Divine Mercy to those who have languished in despair.

A Journey to Mercy is a wonderful guide for contemplation that deepen your own healing and experience with mercy while and also aiding you to share Divine Mercy with others.”

David Reardon Ph.D. –Elliot Institute Post Abortion Research

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