Lenten Meditation March 14

Today’s Readings

We are “shamefaced”. But You Oh Lord are compassion and forgiveness.

Many who have experienced abortion live with shame for years. They often feel like just by looking at them you would know what they have done. They live in the terror of people finding out or the feeling of “if they only knew”. They do not believe anyone could possibly forgive them or love them because they have had an abortion, and so they live their lives as a lie. Everything they see is seen from the perspective of the shame that they feel.

But God is so good. Once we turn to Him in repentance He is right there seeking to heal the shame. To tell us we are His children and that He loves and forgives us.”Go, and sin no more.”

Living in shame is a terrible place.It tells us we are unworthy and unloveable but Gods love is there for each and every one of us. He took each of our sins on Himself . He is compassion and forgiveness, waiting for us to come to Him, to allow Him to love us, to allow Him to heal us.

Today spend some time in quiet allowing Gods healing presence into your life.He is waiting for you

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