Gaining through Loss Lent March 16

Matthew 20:26-28    Mark10:32-45
“…But it shall not be so with you, whoever wishes to be great among you, shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you, shall be your slave..”
“…Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”
The paradox of gaining through loss, causes me to wonder,. I wonder if I had never had the abortion, would I be able to, in any way, understand what Jesus is telling His disciples.
All that we are taught in this world is so contrary to what Jesus teaches us. It is, sadly, only once we are completely shattered and broken and powerless, it is in that brokenness, that He lifts us and comforts us. Only then, was I able to recognize the amazing gift of His mercy and love.
Understanding this Gospel becomes the obvious because I have “lived” it. Once I was graced with the recognition of this sin, so egregious, and brought to my knees, stripped of my “self”, my pride, my worthiness, and any merit to be “first”…that is when I recognized my nothingness, pleading to Him, opening my heart. Because nothing in my control could ever go back and fix what I had done…It was then that He showed me, how ,it was in my nothingness, that I was given the opportunity to unite my cross with His, at the foot of His cross, and thus offer my life and my works to Him, In expiation for my sins as a
 “ransom for many”.
 The sin was never beneficial; but the suffering that stemmed from that choice , lead me to Christ. If I would have denied Him, I would have continued to live as a ‘slave” to that sin.  Pam

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