Lenten Meditation – Good Friday

Today’s Readings

Most of us run from the cross. We do not like to suffer and we often avoid it at all costs.

As someone who participated in an abortion, the guilt can be overwhelming thinking we caused this suffering of Jesus. Who are we to be anywhere near Him.  How can He possibly forgive us? All that torture was caused by us. It can be unbearable to think of.

But, the cross is a paradox, one that is hard to comprehend if you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Once you  know HIs forgiveness  the cross changes. It becomes the place of His mercy .

I am still working on the total surrender of the cross. The desire to grow deeper into its mystery, the truth that the only thing that is really there is the ultimate love. It is hard for us in our humanness to comprehend, but it is the truth.

As I grow closer in relationship with Christ He brings me deeper into this truth. He loves me in the suffering and may I dare to say the suffering is love.

As we meditate on this profound mystery before us today may we be filled with gratitude and hope in Jesus who is Mercy ad Love Itself. May we allow Him to love us through His crucifixion and may we love Him in return for all He has one for us!  TB

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