A Voice Cries Out in the Wilderness

I think if we as a nation could see with the light of Gods truth, we would be overwhelmed by the damage of abortion.

First and foremost, the magnitude of the 63 million innocent unborn children who have died in the name of “choice” and “freedom”. But this “freedom” has actually brought bondage to millions of women, men and siblings.

It is true that some do not recognize it for years, others deny abortions impact all of their lives, but sooner or later, the reality of abortion must be faced. A time comes when you cannot hide behind the rhetoric, but come face to face with the truth

I think something is lacking in the abortion debate and that is an intense outreach to those suffering. So many are afraid to put the focus on our wounded society. While there are numerous resources now available, there are not many people publicaly promoting healing.

Today is the feast of St John the Baptist who proclaimed the “way of the Lord”. I think post abortion ministry needs that. I pray to him daily and ask for the grace to be a voice in the desert of abortion – in the aloneness for those who live in silent suffering.

To let them know there is help and they are not alone.

As Dobbs overturns Roe, the intensity of the harm of abortion is surfacing in many ways. I pray many hear the voices crying in the wilderness and that they come forward for the healing that awaits them

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You don’t have to do this alone!



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