Everyone Loves Someone Who Has Had an Abortion

Yesterday I went to a prayer vigil in Manhattan where we were met with extreme pro-abortion radicals filled with anger, blocking our way of prayer, pushing us and screaming in our faces. We are grateful the police and other law enforcement were there to protect us from the rage that was so obvious in these people, who mock and joke about the death of the unborn.

It was striking to hear their chants and how little they know about the truth of abortion and the work of those who seek at aid women in crisis pregnancies, so they do not have to resort to abortion. It was no surprise to see some signs associated with Marxist and communist groups.

I have been doing this work of healing for over 25 years. It was interesting to see some of the signs they held. One that particularly caught my eye was “Everyone loves someone who has benefited from abortion care“.   The original sign said “knows” someone, but that was crossed out to say “loves”.

Aside from the word “benefited”, it is so true. With over 62 million abortions in our country, we all know someone who has had one and many people, like the women holding the sign, feel compelled to stand up for abortion because not to do so would, in their minds, appear to be condemning the person they know and love.

Our country is deeply wounded by abortion. Millions of women, men, siblings and others are suffering from the consequences of a society who has not only allowed but in many ways promoted abortion to women as a means of having a life of fulfillment.

I don’t know who this woman knows that has had an abortion, but, I pray that she, along with that person she loves finds true peace and healing from a scourge that has touched the very core of who we are.




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