Abortion Activist

Heartbreaking testimony of a woman regarding her own abortion and that of her mom. Contrary to validating abortion, it truly shows the damage it causes to its countless victims.

“I owe my life and my ability to sit here today to abortion access; not only my own but because a Black woman was able to have an abortion not too long after Roe v. Wade made it legal in Illinois,” she said. “She was in a relationship that wasn’t serving her and the abortion allowed her to leave and meet a man in nursing school. They married and had a child. That child was me. As my mother told me, ‘Renee, I chose you.’ That’s exactly what abortion is about: the ability for all of us to choose if, when, and how to create our families, on our own terms.”

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  1. Our lives are mysterious and is a gift from God. Whether we are accepted or rejected, every human person has the “right” to their unique and only life.
    Abortion fails to complete a life.

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