I Trust You to Catch me Jesus!

I recently listened to a homily in which the priest was speaking about trust with his earthly father and God the Father. He spoke about how his dad would toss him up into the air and how much fun it was. There was total trust, like the picture here of the dad tossing his son into the air. No fear…he knew that he would be caught. He was secure in the love his father had for him. Trust moved him beyond fear.

It is a beautiful analogy of the trust we should have with God the Father, who no matter what, loves, protects and catches us even when we feel we are falling and most vulnerable. There is a knowledge of His care which moves us beyond fear to fun, because we truly know He will “catch” us. He Himself is our security.

For some however, rather than being caught, they were tossed up and shattered by the lack of love of a father who perhaps walked away leaving them to fall. Laying in their brokenness the journey to trust in God would look very different from the person who experienced the love and security of their earthly father.

Jesus, knows what we each need in our healing journey to Him. Coming to them in their brokenness He tenderly mends the wounds in order to develop the trust they never knew.

It is not unlike the story of Mary Magdalene who Jesus told not to touch Him when He had risen from the dead. Jesus knew Mary already knew and trusted in His love. Mary believed despite fear as was evident by her standing at the foot of the cross.

Contrary to Mary, Jesus invited “doubting” Thomas to do the complete opposite.  “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” (John 20:27) Thomas’ needs were much different than Mary’s.

Total surrender and trust can be difficult for all of us no matter what our experiences. We all have our own personal wounds. Jesus, took these wounds upon Himself so we would know, like Thomas, without a doubt that we are not alone and we can trust in His word.

No matter what your wounds from abortion or anything else, bring them to Jesus and invite Him in.  Allow Him to touch your wounds. Invite Him into your heart so you can experience His presence which is sure to show you, that no matter what your experience in life, He will always catch you!


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