Coerced Abortion

This is an article from Live Action about “Blonde” a fictional movie about Marilyn Monroe and forced abortion.

It seems no one knows for sure if Marilyn had abortions but the story line certainly does not sound farfetched to me.

Over the years I have heard countless stories of forced abortion by boyfriends, husbands, parents etc and I am the product of one myself.

Our voices are very often not heard, and there seems to be no outrage or concern about our life as women. I have come to see over the years that most women felt pressured in some way to have an abortion whether that was directly or indirectly. It seems that we should be addressing the core reasons and doing something about them instead of constantly expanding the justification of abortion. We have moved from “rape and incest” to “safe and rare” to now abortion any time for any reason without apology.

Millions of women, men and siblings are silently suffering, wounded from abortion. I hope one day their voces will be the ones heard the loudest.

‘Blonde,’ a fictional film about Marilyn Monroe, is a reminder of Hollywood’s obsession with forced abortion (

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