Week #1 – Lenten Healing group: “Dust to Dust”

During the season of lent we are having a group once a week led by different people in the ministry, using a different topic and reading.

Since the group is limited, we will be posting a summary of the comments from women who have had abortions in the hopes of assisting those who are on the journey in recognizing the ways abortion has impacted them and also the forgiveness and mercy of God which always calls them to deeper healing and union with Him in peace, joy, and love.


Week #1 Lent

By the seat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust and to dust you shall return. Gen 3:19

The common theme with the group for this reading was the need we all seemed to have to be in control and to recognize that that control not only led most times to us harming ourselves, but kept us from the love and mercy of God which seeks to heal us.

It is not surprising that we would look to control since our abortion often left us feeling totally out of control.  We falsely believe that we can protect ourselves by controlling the world around us instead of trusting in the love and mercy of God who wants nothing but our good.

As we progress in healing, the “dust to dust” becomes not something to dread but a means for us to empty ourselves so that Gods life is in us.

Do you try to control your life thinking this is what will keep you safe?

Are you self-reliant instead of surrendering to God?

Can you understand your need of Him and trust in His love for you?

As we begin the Lenten journey let us all try to let go of our self-reliance and focus instead on mystery of our salvation manifested in the life of Christ.

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