Giving Voice to the Voice We Silenced

So, abortion seems to be everywhere!  For many who have had abortions this can be a very difficult time if they have not addressed their own healing and are still living in silence and shame.

It can also even be difficult for those who have begun the healing journey, as abortion is in the forefront of the daily news.

As post abortive parents, many (including us!) may not think we have a right to speak for the unborn, and, they, of course, are right. For whatever reason we aborted, coerced, freely chose, etc, we participated in the death of our children, so, why should we be a voice for the voice we silenced?

You see, that is the amazing thing about healing and God’s mercy. That He takes our worse sin, the death of our children, who are now “living in the Lord” (Gospel of Life), and uses those very children to bring us back to Himself and teach us of His love, the very love we lacked in order not to abort!

These are not abstract children, they are our children! Our sons and our daughters, given to us by God.

Our God is a God of second chances, and even though we rejected our children here on earth, His love, forgiveness and mercy give us the opportunity to “reclaim our children”. Not physically, but spiritually, so that things can be as God intended them to be. We are family.

Do we deserve this gift? Of course not, but it is not about what we deserve, it is about the incredible love and mercy of God, who sent His only Son into the world to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life.

As Dave Reardon says in “The Jericho Plan” , (one of my favorite books on post abortive healing), who better to speak for the unborn than mothers who mourn? In healing, God gives us a voice for our children, our sons and daughters. We pray the rest of the world does the same.

Theresa Bonopartis

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