Come Home to His Mercy!

Come Home to His Mercy this Lent!
It is not unusual for someone who is post abortive
to come to me upset because they have felt judged.
“They think we deserve to suffer and deserve to go
to hell.”

The pain of the realization of the feelings of some
people can be overwhelming, adding to the already
unbearable pain of knowing that you have participated
in the death of your child. In reality, most times,
those feelings of judgment are just a reinforcement
of what they are feeling about themselves, yet they
are desperately looking for forgiveness, healing and
acceptance, a way to find God’s peace.

They are often surprised when I tell them, “They
are right, we may deserve hell, but isn’t that what
makes our healing all the more beautiful. It has
nothing to do with what we deserve, or what we have
done to try to make up for our abortions, in truth we
can never make up for them, but we do not have to.
He already has.”

Healing is a gift freely given, obtained through
the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ
who died for our sins. Our healing is not about us
and what we have done, but about Him and what
He has done.

There is a freedom in that knowledge, and a
profound gratitude and humility, an acknowledgment,
that I am a sinner in need of His mercy. That we, who
are responsible for the death of our children, even
though to different degrees, can receive His mercy
and forgiveness. That His sacrifice has paid the price
for our sin and His desire is for our healing and to
reunite us with Him and our aborted children.

It is hard to internalize such an amazing act of
love and self giving. It is hard as a post abortive
person to take the focus off of ourselves, admit what
we have done and that we were capable of such an
act, and place the focus on Him, but it is there alone
that we will find healing, peace, joy and the freedom
of knowing the unfathomable love and mercy of God.

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