You Have a Right to Change Your Mind

Great video by Candace Owens.. It’s so true that women can change their minds. It is also true that hope & healing are possible. Don’t let anyone keep you trapped in your guilt and shame. You do not have to live life that way, there are many different places you can go for help. Countless numbers of women have found healing. You are not alone!




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  1. My wife and I suffered through an abortion when we were still teens not understanding the repercussions. It almost took my wife’s life 25 yrs latter. She became so depressed and guilty I thought she would end her life. Its taken the rest of our lives to heal. Understanding and believing we have an Mighty God that is endless in his mercies and grace, is the only cure. She went on to develop a FSF program for our local pregnancy center, and lead a group of post abortion women through FSF, the Forgiven and Set Free program. It was very helpful in our healing process and has saved many lives. Thanks for standing strong, and for educating women before they chose. The Ultrasounds are a gift from God. Seeing is believing.

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