After abortion- the fears we live with

It is not uncommon that people who have experienced abortion are often overcome with many fears.

  • fear of betrayal
  • fear of losing what you love
  • fear of being out of control
  • fear of abandonment

These fears can become paralyzing at times andmost often there is a failutre to recognize them as connectors to the abortion experience.

  • were you betrayed by someone you thought loved you?
  • were you abandoned when it was found out you were pregnant
  • were you threatened with the loss of love if you did not do what the other person asked?
  • Did you feel out of control as you allowed the abortion to happen to you?

Recognizing your triggers is the first step having them lose power over your life. Gaining the ability to see how very often you may be reacting to the present because of the trauma of the past abortion.

Is every fight the end of a relationship?

Do you find yourself overreacting to situations only to feel regret for your behavior later?

Working through the abortion experience with those trained to help can be a valuable tool in healing.

You don’t need to allow your fears to dictate your life, you can learn to move past them.

The impact of abortion can be complex and what makes it even moredifficult is societies continued rtefusal to acknowledge its impact on those who have had them. You are not alone or crazy. Countless numbers of people have walked through the pain of abortion.

Looking for help?

Reach out! You do not have to do it alone!

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