Men’s Lenten Meditation – February 21, 2021

Todays Readings: First Sunday of Lent




As we celebrate this First Sunday of Lent, we journey with Jesus into the desert.
As we join Him there, He asks us to look deeply within, possibly even deeper than we have ever before.

If we do this, we will find Jesus with His ever-loving gift of forgiveness and grace.
We who suffer either directly or remotely from our abortions may look upon Christ there with His arms outstretched on the Cross, in that ever-loving embrace: “This I have done for you, so that you may know My Love for you.”

Perhaps we who have been affected by our abortions, may this Lenten Season, take that Image of the Crucified Lord and carry it with us so as remember that He did this for us. He did it so that we may be free of the scourge of our abortions.

One way we can do this is to go to His Mother who held Her crucified Son minutes after His death. She knows how deeply we suffer. Mother Mary will be your guide throughout this Holy Season.

I only make these recommendations because I know I have been there and am still there. The best way I can get through this season is to focus on the Crucified Lord in the arms of His Beloved Mother. There is where I find the peace and grace and forgiveness of Christ. – Ed

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