Lenten Meditation – March 10, 2021


With you Lord, you heard my heart and helped me fulfill the broken parts
to myself. I had turned away from the truth of who you created me to be,
“me,” who was always in the heart of my Father. The return back to you
after recognizing all the suffering from my abortion was long and difficult.
Yes, days of painful memories surfaced, yet your grace and those you sent
my way to process the pain, provided hope that healed the wounds I had
kept hidden in my heart for so long.

Looking deep within me, you revealed my sins and the places I neglected to
follow your commandments. I had no courage, had lost my way, my truth, my authentic self.
You sent me a savior, I now know as my friend, Jesus is now inside of my heart. It was
You who showed me real love and it was where I found my way back to
myself. No longer blind to your truth, Jesus, you forgave me for having
aborted my child and walked with me through my valley of tears.

With new eyes of faith I now look back at who I was and I am now able to love and
forgive that girl I once was. Jesus, until I reach the Kingdom of heaven,
may you provide me your mercy my soul requires to live a peaceful life.
“I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.” Jesus, I trust in you, for it is in
your most Divine Mercy, where I find comfort for each day. –


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