Lenten Meditation -March 23, 2021

Todays Readings: Tuesday of the fifth week of Lent



DmToday’s gospel reading reminds us if we continue to die in our sins we cannot follow Jesus. He tells us “where I am going you cannot come.”
Over forty years ago I had two abortions. I turned away from God, my church and the truth of the gospels. For years I was dead to the sins of abortion.
Throughout the years I felt a gentle pull to return to our faith. I now know it was my daughter and son that lead me back to life. The forgiveness of my children to give me life after I took their lives is beyond my understanding. It has taken a long time to accept their forgiveness.

In the gospel reading the Pharisees ask Jesus, “Who are you?”
Last year during Holy Hour I asked Jesus-“Who are you?”  He gently revealed-I am Divine Mercy. Follow me. For the first time after forty years, I felt His forgiveness and invitation to follow Him. Jesus, I trust in you.
Today, meditate on the question the Pharisees asked Jesus, “Who are you?” In silence listen to his response.

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