Lenten Meditation – March 24, 2021

Todays Readings: Wednesday the Fifth week of Lent



     How easy it is to go along with what the world wants us to do! Now, especially, it is very difficult to be faithful to God, who never changes and is always the same.  There are so many other gods- money, power, material comforts, self.  We are bombarded with temptations to take the easy way instead of trusting “The Way”.  We meet many King Nebuchadnezzars forcing us to bow down to a god other than Christ.  And sometimes we are King Nebuchadnezzar and are given the grace to realize that God will send His angels to help us withstand the fire.  Glory and praise forever!

We are called to persevere with “a generous heart”.  I can become discouraged and wish away the past or worse, condemn myself for my past mistakes.  I’ve done that many, many times.  But “the truth shall set you free”!

I know the truth so why do I sometimes feel enslaved to my past sin of abortion?  I’ve come to know that if I don’t keep my eyes on Him and listen to Him, I am lost.  “If you remain in My word…the truth will set you free.”  The evil one tempts us to believe that God doesn’t tell us the truth.  The evil one twists the truth, and in our fear, we go along.  This has been going on since Adam and Eve. Fear and despair are tools of the devil.   And he uses them often.  He uses them before and after abortion.  Don’t be fooled by the father of lies.  There is only one truth, one way, one life, and that is our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Abide in Him and His Word.  Seek comfort and solace in His Sacred Heart, which overflows with Mercy.

Today:  Ask our Mother to be with you always and to help you find your way to His Heart.  Pray for peace in your heart and soul.  Our Mother always knows well what the evil one wants and she desires to set us free from his snares.  Place yourself under her mantle pray to her under the title of “Mother of Sorrows”. -D

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