Lenten Meditation -March 31, 2021

Todays Readings: Wednesday of Holy Week


OIP (17)We all have, or have had, our Judas moments. Our humanity is so full of our imperfections, our vices, our betrayals, our sin. As I read Judas’ name and am reminded of his actions, I’m acutely aware of the many times that I behaved as him in my past. Although I knew better as a cradle Catholic, I did not seek the help of God in my times of trouble as did the great prophet Isaiah. Instead I behaved as Judas and focused only on myself.

I turned my back on God and His church in my teenage years, and as my separation from God lengthened in time, my sins began to escalate, and eventually led to my sin of abortion.

Disgrace and shame for my actions troubled me with a feeling of no way out. And then sadly over 20 years passed with me living in a world guided by my own truths and relativism. A life without God, now seen as hollow, empty, but still very blessed. His blessings are abundant in all our lives if we only open our eyes, and now I can see his constant hand of help and guidance in my life despite my will to turn away from Him. I finally realized all that I had abandoned in Him when He gave me a second chance at motherhood. My family brought me
back to my faith and to seek reconciliation and healing for my sins, especially my sin of abortion.

God’s mercy and his love are infinite and beyond our comprehension. He’s just waiting for us
to turn to Him and to love Him. His love can only leave us breathless and in awe. He is where
we will find peace and joy. So despite our Judas moments, we all need to realize how much
God wants us to be a part of His family and our Catholic family.

Let us put those Judas moments behind us, and keep our eyes fixed on the cross, our path to eternal salvation.
Take a few minutes today to focus on Jesus Christ on the crucifix. Think about how much God
loves you and wants you to love Him. Seek confession before Holy Week and be renewed in His love and mercy. -AN

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