The Danger Of Isolation

 O Jesus…release me from the misery of my self-made aloneness.


PeaceThere is a prayer book I use every day during my Holy Hour. The above quote is one that stuck my heart, and continues to do so whenever I am praying that prayer.

Abortion is full of secrets. Secrets often carried for decades. It also calls you to isolation when you are in the midst of its battles and are getting assailed with the shouts of despair, guilt, shame, unworthiness, I  could go on and on.

It is hard to break the cycle and reach out. Our desire to protect our “self”, our pride, our fear can be so strong. We are fooled into believing that we can wait it out and the feelings will go away, and they might, but unless we deal with them and learn to change behaviors, they will come back. No doubt about it.

It is precisely in these times of “self-made aloneness” that it is crucial to reach out for help. No matter how much it may be screaming at you to stay alone this very isolation is the enemy of healing.


Haven’t reached out yet? Don’t suffer in isolation anymore there are many resources that will assist you in your healing journey.

On the road, but suffer with this temptation? Pick up the phone no matter how hard. Make the call to those who understand, to a therapist, spiritual director and especially to women who have walked the healing journey and battled these same feelings.

Healing is there for you.  Yes, it takes work, yes, it takes faith, yes it takes courage. Ministries can provide the knowledge you need to confront the many ways you can stay trapped in the misery of abortion., but most of all Jesus is waiting to heal you, to show you the way to forgiveness, love and the peace only He can give.

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