Forced Abortion

I experienced a coerced abortion. It changes your life forever and yet not much is done to protect women from them. If people really cared about women this would be a priority in so called “reproductive rights”.

Women discuss suffering forced abortions: ‘They strapped me down’

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In a Yelp review for a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Massachusetts, a woman named Elizabeth claimed that clinic workers forced abortion on her. There is no way to verify her claims, but she said while the staff was nice they didn’t allow her to back out of the abortion when she changed her mind. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is not alone and stories of forced abortion are more common than people realize.

“The staff where [sic] really nice, but when I was there I told them that I couldn’t go through with the procedure and they told me I signed the paperwork so they were going to do it anyway,” wrote Elizabeth. “Now I’m getting admitted to a hospital for having pregnancy tissue still in my uterus and an infection because of dirty tools.”

The rest is here: Women discuss suffering forced abortions: ‘They strapped me down’ (


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