The Birth of Mercy

I know this can be a very difficult time of year for those of us who are post abortive. There are so many “connectors” all over the place!

  • Children we would love to be buying toys for that are not here.
  • Mary’s “yes” a reminder of our “no”.

It seems no matter where you look it is a trigger in an already stressful season, and oftentimes we do not even realize our abortion experiences are the reason for what we are experiencing.

It is good during this time to focus on the “Birth of Mercy”. That God in His goodness sent His Son into the world for us so that we may have salvation. This time, this celebration of the birth of Christ, really is a time of great mercy. It is in this same Christ which we receive in the sacrament that we are able to spiritually meet our children who are living in the Lord. They are right there with Him, waiting for us.

As Christ comes to earth, in the poverty of the manger, we should always remember He is the means to our salvation, so that the promptings of sadness or despair we may experience, turn into the “comfort and joy” we sing about. Our Savior, who come to earth to die for our sins so we may have eternal life is born to us!

So, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and full of dread during this Christmas season, stop and remind yourself that tis birth of innocence and mercy, this life of love is the thing that washes away our sins, opens heaven to us where we will be able to join our children in thanking and praising God for HIs Mercy!

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