Glorious Expectation

Gazing at the image above, we are faced with the emptiness of the stable. Dirty, cold and dreary,
it appears to have nothing to offer us. In fact, even the thought of spending time in it can cause us to
feel its emptiness and despair.

Sometimes our lives can seem empty like that stable, leaving us grasping for hope. Whether we
are healing from an abortion, the struggles of our economy, unemployment, illness, loneliness or the
death of a loved one, we can sometimes get locked into what we “feel” in the here and now, unable to
hope or wonder about the things to come.

But, in just one second, everything can change. Like the birth of Christ transforms the stable
into a place of warmth, joy, hope, peace and love, our outlook too can be transformed if we allow His
presence in our lives.

The presence of Christ has the power to change our thoughts of despair to those of hope, not
because we will not have any suffering, but because even in our suffering we know He is there.
So sweep away the dirt and prepare the way of the Lord. Christ is coming and indeed, we have a
glorious expectation

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