Prodigal Son – Lent – March 27

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“This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.!”

Amazing, the Lord eats with sinners ! In fact, the Lord desires to eat with sinners, he came from heaven to eat with sinners, he came from heaven to forgive sinners, he came from heaven to lead sinners to heaven!!!

In today’s Gospel from Luke the familiar story of the Prodigal Son in some ways is a story of a man who could not believe that after what he had done that is Father could forgive him! Not only forgive him but welcome him back with love and rejoicing, with celebration and great mercy.

This gospel is so needed today l especially for those who cannot believe in God’s Great mercy and forgiveness. In the gospel the Father not only waits for his son with anticipation but runs out to greet him… Embraces him and carries him back home! This Is the Love he wants each of us to experience, especially those who return to God with repentance and carry the guilt of their sin!

This Is the Love the God reveals to us in the sacrament of reconciliation! And this is the joy that is for us a window into heaven where God’s love will be revealed completely… and those who have experienced his Mercy will rejoice forever in the Kingdom prepared for them from the creation of the world.               How often have we said to God “I no longer deserve to be called your son….your daughter!”… And OUR HEAVENLY Father catches sight of us in our pain and is filled with compassion!!   “This child of mine was dead and has come back to life again; my child was lost, and has been found!”

Fr Mariusz Koch, CFR

Today spend some time in prayer imagining God the Father running out t meet you. He is there waiting!

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