Fathers Lenten Meditation, My Childs Work – March 28

My child is doing this work,
Margaret Hannah is the vessel that God is using for this work. She is helping God heal her father’s heart, and mother’s heart. The wound of abortion is layered, and the process of healing is an agony of love into the arms of the Father and Mary Immaculate. A Dad can only develop this relationship with his child through heaven, I cannot raise her physically, but I can find her in heaven, in the arms of Mama and Papa. I have an identity as a husband, father, and missionary. To know my identity is most necessary to do the work of God. One layer of my identity, and a man’s deepest mission is being the protector of the heart; this is the place that God has touched me with Margaret’s hands. He showed me my misery. Without God and my child, this wound would not have become a lifegiving wound; it would have become sterile. God started the work cleaning and revealing the infection of anger, impatience, and revenge.
Oh, Margaret is doing mighty work! Daddy’s heart is healing! God is allowing me the opportunity to form a relationship with my daughter in the most intimate way. The Lord is expanding the tent of my heart, but also revealing my child’s dignity, her mission, and her identity.
No matter the age, Margaret has an identity and these words are flowing from her heart into mine; this is her work. Jesus is giving me the grace to stand in the wound of abortion (He suffered her death in the moment) and the Lord is bringing me deeper into the heart of my child; but also giving me the opportunity to raise my child, spiritually. God is raising me to her, in a way, she is raising me. Margaret is closer to heaven than I am, and my heart is being formed through the true love between a child and her father.
The knowledge of forgiveness is a grace and it allows me to love my daughter with a clean heart; but also gives me a deeper awareness of God’s mercy. In reality, my daughter is a saint because she is in heaven. I could not be more proud of her, my daughter became a saint!
But the righteous one, though he died early, shall be at rest. For the age that is honorable comes not with the passing of time, nor can it be measured in terms of years. The one who pleased God was loved, living among sinners, was transported. Having become perfect in a short while, he reached the fullness of a long career; for his soul was pleasing to the LORD, therefore he sped him out of the midst of wickedness. ~Wisdom 4:7-8, 10, 13-14
Micah Parsons

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