Lenten Meditation April 4

Today’s Readings

Judgement is a huge thing for those who have experienced abortion.

Judgement of God
Judgement of others towards us
judgement of us towards others
Judgement of us towards ourselves

We can often find it coming at us from every direction including both the pro abortion and pro life sides, but the truth is the only judgement we should be concerned about is our relationship with God who is the only one who sees the entire picture and our hearts.

Sometimes not judging ourselves can be the hardest thing to overcome. We can get stuck in our pride of not believing how we could have done such a thing, forgetting we are all capable of anything without the grace of God.

In today’s reading Suzanne stood firm with God as the men who sought to after her in lust testified to try to condemn her to death. Abortion is cloaked in many lies, many of whom women have believed. “It is not a baby.”  “life will be easier if you abort” “You cannot be successful if you have this child” “Most women do not regret abortion” etc etc. In desperation many chose to believe the lies turning from the truth of God. But another truth of God is His love for us.

“Judge not least you be judged.” Today pray that you may surrender your judgement to God, that you may forgive all those who judge you including yourself, and envelop yourself in the patience, compassion and forgiveness of Jesus who died even for your sin of abortion..  TAM



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